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Global conference on power control and optimization (PCO)


Aims and Scope

The Global Journal of Technology and Optimization is officially registered in national library of Malaysia KDN PQ/PP1500 (2009) for online publication of one issue per year, and indexed by ISI, EBSCO, math-jobs list, Ulrich, IndexCopernicus Journals, AMS mathematics Registry, Cabell's directors and IFORS. The annual volume of the Global Journal of Technology and Optimization GJTO aims to establish a ground for publishing specialized reviews in biotechnology, power optimization, controllers and real-time computing. The main advantage of this journal is that it minimizes the publishing time with an immediate response, avoiding time delays and long queues before publication. The journal focuses on science and engineering applications. This is to promote exchange of information and knowledge in research work done in the fields of energy, economics, optimization and computing, and to explore developments and inventions concerning electrical, mechanical, fuel resources, industrial planning, biomedicine, environment, computational intelligent, information society, embedded technology, network, communication, nano-physics and evolutionary methods of optimization. The journal will assist academic staff, industrial professionals, graduates and students from all over the world publish research results and studies in a scholarly manner.


The journal encourages research motivated by the challenging problems related to new technology. The journal publishes papers online that document the development and use of industrial and systems engineering tools and techniques including operations research, statistics, information systems, work measurement, and human factors applications.


High quality submissions that advance the research and that contribute something new to the literature on New Technology are encouraged. The special focus of the GJTO forum is to publish ground-breaking applications and applied research results.


The target audience of the journal will be composed of professionals and researchers working in the fields of technology and optimization in various disciplines, e.g. energy, biotechnology, power, scheduling, control, smart systems, soft computing, artificial intelligence, micro-scale technology, and nanotechnology. Moreover, the journal will provide insights and support executives concerned with modeling and simulation, healthcare, signal processing and hybrid optimization techniques for different types of engineering, science, management, economics, marketing and business applications.


Unpublished papers and extended versions of papers presented at conferences can be submitted for possible publication in the journal. Technical papers, white papers and experience reports are also welcome for evaluation in GJTO. Research papers on Bio Informatics, Agri Informatics, Cognitive, Geology, Geometry, Education, Transportation and Social Computing etc. are also encouraged


The journal topics include, but are not limited to, the following transactions


Transactions in:


1.    Power system, protection, and distribution

2.    Quality, reliability, scheduling and economic

3.    Bioenergy, biotechnology, planning and environment

4.    Chaos, modeling and simulation

5.    Simulator, tracker and embedded systems

6.    Machines, power electronics and drives

7.    Conditioning monitoring and industrial planning

8.    Controllers, mechatronics and robotics

9.    Materials, production planning and design

10.  Healthcare, bioinformatics and wireless sensor

11.  Mobile and wireless communication

12.  Soft computing and computational intelligent

13.  Software, smart system and artificial intelligent

14.  Image recognition and signal processing

15.  Security, network, and parallel processing

16.  Nano physics, NEMS and MEMS

17.  Fuzzy, neural network and hybrid optimization

18.  Evolutionary algorithm and continuous optimization

19.  Game theory, queuing and inventory model

20.  Graph theory, scheduling and assignment problem

21.  Management, marketing and operation research

22.  Immune system, rough set and micro transportation

23.  Cams, gear, valves and pneumatic systems

24. Structure, ports and micro-transportation

25. Statistics, agriculture and astronomy

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