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Volume 2, June 2011

GJTO, Vol.2, No.1, June 2011, ISSN: 2229-8711

Heungjae Lee, Kyundo Kim, "An Intelligent Voltage Control System for Korean Power Systems", pp. 1-5

Armin Ebrahimi Milani, Babak Mozafari, "Genetic Algorithm Based Optimal Load Frequency Control in Two-Area Interconnected Power Systems", pp. 6-10

Mithun M. Bhaskar, MuthyalaSrinivas, SyduluMaheswarapu, "Security Constraint Optimal Power Flow (SCOPF) – A Comprehensive Survey", pp. 11-20

Hedaya Alasooly, "Control of DC Motor Using Different Control Strategies". pp. 21-28

Vitezslav Benda, "Power Semiconductors – State of the Art And Future Trends", pp. 29-36

Milun J. Babic, Dobrica M. Milovanovic, Nebojsa M. Jovicic, Dušan R. Gordic, Milan Z. Despotovic, Vanja M. Sustersic, Dubravka N. Jelic, Davor N. Koncalovic, Goran B. Boskovic, "Energy Efficiency, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in Kragujevac (Serbia)", pp. 37-43

A. Nurick, "A Model for Upper Bound Clear Sky Availability of Solar Illuminance", pp. 44-48

Nader Barsoum, "Implementation of Dual-Axis Solar Tracking Pilot Project", pp. 49-56

Mohammad Jafari, M. H. Y. lari, Maryam Salehi, Zahra Malekjamshidi, Mohsen Imanieh, "Simulation and Implementation of a Fuzzy Controlled Charger for Ni-Cd Batteries", pp. 57-63

Rabi Yousif, Borhanuddin Mohd Ali, Mohd K. Abdullah, Kamaruzzaman Seman, Mohd Dani Baba, "Design Considerations For Efficient Multicast WDM Network Scalable Architecture", pp. 64-72

Ustijana R. Shikoska, Danco Davcev, Risto Reckoski, Gordana Petrovska R., Cvetko Andreevski, Jordan Sikoski, "Space and Time in Wireless Sensor Networks", pp. 73-83

Turan Paksoya, Eren Özceylana, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, "A Multi Objective Model for Optimization of a Green Supply Chain Network", pp. 84-96

Eon-Chan Jeon, Su-Yong Lee, Ho-Bong Song, Jung-Do Chun, Soo-Yong Kim, "Study for The Verification of The Tooth Profile Accuracy of The Automatic Gear Design Program", pp. 97-103

Patrik Nemec, Alexander Čaja, Milan Malcho, "Thermal Performance Measurement of Heat Pipe", pp. 104-110


GJTO, Vol.2, No.2, June 2011, ISSN: 2229-8711

Wilhelm Hoeflinger, "New Developments for Optimal Selection of Filter Media in Fine Dust Bag- House Filtration", pp. 111-116

Z. Volkovich, R. Avros, and M. Golani, "On Initialization of the Expectation Maximization Clustering Algorithm", pp. 117-120

Radovan Nosek, Jozef Jandacka, Andrzej Szlek, "Simulation of Coal Combustion Process in Small Boiler", pp. 121-129

C. S. Chin, P. Neelakantan, H. P. Yoong, K. T. K. Teo, "Optimization of Fuzzy Based Maximum Power Point Tracking In PV System for Rapidly Changing Solar Irradiance", pp. 130-137

Dirman Hanafi, Mohamed Najib Ribuan, Ignatius Agung Wibowo, Hairulazwan Hashim, Muhamad, Izzuddin Ismail, "Simulation of Substation Integrated Monitoring System Using Labview", pp. 138-145

Jozef Huzvar, Andrej Kapjor, "Micro-Cogeneration Including the Conversion of Chemical Energy of Biomass to Electric Energy and the Low Potential Heat", pp. 146-152

N. A. Amin, M. T. Ahmadi, J. F. Webb2, Z. Johari, S. M. Mousavi, R. Ismail, "A Study of the Carrier Properties of a Graphene Nanoribbon in a High Magnitude Electric Field and Associated Effects in Graphene Nanoribbon Transistors", pp.153-156

Pinkey Chauhan, Kusum Deep, Millie Pant, "Optimizing CNC Turning Process Using Real Coded Genetic Algorithm and Differential Evolution", pp. 157-165

Saib Suwilo, "Vertex Exponents of Two-Colored Primitive Extremal Ministrong Digraphs", pp. 166-174

Richard Lenhard, Milan Malcho, Michal Jakubsky, Martin Vantuch, "Device for Simulation of Transfer Low Potential Geothermal Heat with Heat Pipe and with Forced Circulation of Heat Carrier", pp. 175-179


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