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Volume 6, June 2015

GJTO, Vol.6, No.1, February 2015, ISSN: 2229-8711

1. Michiya Takahashi, Mingcong Deng, Nonlinear Robust Power Control of Uncertain DC-DC Converter with Bilinear Dynamics"

2. Ahmed Karmaoui, Mohammed Messouli, Issam Ifaadassan, Mohammed Yacoubi Khebiza, "A Multidisciplinary Approach to Assess the Environmental Vulnerability at Local Scale in Context of Climate Change (Pilot Study in Upper Draa Valley, South Morocco)"

3. Jing Zhao, Ze-jian Wang, Hai-feng Hang, Mei-jin Guo, Ying-ping Zhuang, Ju Chu, Si-liang Zhang, Jue-ren Lou, "Human Papillomavirus 16 L1 Protein Expression and Self-Assembly in Recombinant Pichia pastoris"

4. Jasma Balasangameshwara, "Survay on Job Scheduling, Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance Techniques for Computational Grids"

5. Ahmed Karmaoui, "Sustainability of the Moroccan Oasean System (Case study: Middle Draa Valley)"

6. Mohammad Dasseh, Samer Yahya, Jeffrey F Webb, "A Study on Maximizing the Energy Density of a System by Choosing a Suitable Flywheel"

7. Jeffrey F Webb, "Nanoscale Ferroelectric Structures: Landau Theory for the Polarization Profile in a Ferroelectric Nano-Box and its Response to an Incident Electromagnetic Field"


GJTO, Vol.6, No.2, June 2015, ISSN: 2229-8711

1. Chandan Mungra, Jeffrey F Webb, "Free Vibration Analysis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Based on the Continuum Finite Element Method"

2. Rustem Popa, "Toward EHW 2.0 Some Ideas in HDL-Based Evolution of Digital Circuits"

3. Dinh Luong Le1, Dac Loc Ho1, Ngoc Dieu Vo, "Hybrid Differential Evolution and Harmony Search for Optimal Power Flow"

4. Nikolai I Voropai, "Power System Expansion Planning - State of the Problem"

5. Karthikeyan Balasubramanian, Irfan Ahmed MS, "Software Dependency Estimation in the Code Repositories for the Requirement Evolution"

6. Ihda Hasbiyati1, Saib Suwilo, Opim Salim, Tulus, "Simple Technique of Projected Lagrange for a Class of Multi-Stage Stochastic Nonlinear Programs"


GJTO, Vol.6, No.3, September 2015, ISSN: 2229-8711

1. Nader Barsoum, "Development of Light Control and Motor Speed Control by Smart Phone"

2. Dieu Ngoc Vo1, Tung The Tran, Tuan Trong Nguyen, "Pseudo-gradient Based Particle Swarm Optimization with Constriction Factor for Multi Objective Optimal Power Flow"

3. Harish Garg1, Nikunj Agarwal, Alka Choubey, "Entropy Based Multi-criteria Decision Making Method under Fuzzy Environment and Unknown Attribute Weights"


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