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Volume 7 June 2016

GJTO, Vol.7, No.1, April 2016, ISSN: 2229-8711

1. Gaoyan Zhong*, Jiangyan Xu, Tian Jinling, and Zhang Lifei, Nonlinear Optimization Design of the Structure for Miniature Engraving Machine based on Orthogonal Experiment and Grey Correlation Analysis"

2. Nader Barsoum, "Process of Development a Dual Axis Solar Tracking Prototype"

3. Abdeen Mustafa Omer, "Greenhouses for Food Production and the Environment"

4. Mingsheng Gao, Jian L, Wei Li and Xiao Yao, "A Stochastic Programming Based Scheduling and Dispatch for Smart Grid with Intermittent Wind Power"

5. Thang Trung Nguyen, Dieu Ngoc Vo, Anh Viet Truong and Loc Dac Ho, "Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for Solving Hydrothermal System Scheduling Problem Considering Constraints in Transmission Lines"

6. Sallam Abualhaija and Karl-Heinz Zimmermann, "Solving Specific Domain Word Sense Disambiguation using the D-Bees Algorithm"


GJTO, Vol.7, No.2, August 2016, ISSN: 2229-8711

1. Andrej M. Nowakowski, Sebastian Gehmert, Irčne Roesle and Karl-Heinz Widmer, "True Angle between Anterior-Posterior Impingement in Total Hip Arthroplasty: Why Common Constrained Cups have to Fail"

2. Bairy B, Craig TS, Eshaghian-Wilner MM, Gonde K, Gupta N, Prajogi A and Saligram R, "Mitigating the Impact of NBTI and PBTI Degradation"

3. Samir Al-Gamal, Sherine El-Essawy, El-Sayed M El-Refaie and Mohammed Durra, "Gamma Attenuation Coefficient of Carbonate Rocks Sampled from the North Western Coast of Egypt"

4. Dora E Ledesma-Carrión, "Energy Optimization of Steel in Electric Arc Furnace"

5. Clay J Humphreys, Richard G Cobb, David R Jacques, Jonah A Reeger, "A Hybrid Optimization Technique Applied to the Intermediate-Target Optimal Control Problem"


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