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Volume 3, June 2012

GJTO, Vol.3, No.1, June 2012, ISSN: 2229-8711

Turan Paksoy, Eren Özceylan, NimetYapıcı Pehlivan, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Estimation of Energy Demand of Turkey", pp. 1-9

Erna Budhiarti Nababan, Opim Salim Sitompul, Salwani Abdullah, "Manipulation of Tabu List to Handle Machine Breakdowns in Job Shop Scheduling Problems", pp. 10-19

Tarek Helmy, Mosleh M. Al-Harthi, Mohamed T. Faheem, "Adaptive Ensemble and Hybrid Models for Classification of Bioinformatics Datasets", pp. 20-29

Muhammad Ali Masood, Rana A. Jabbar, M.A.S. Masoum, Muhammad Junaid, M. Ammar, "An Innovative Technique for Design Optimization of Core Type 3-Phase Distribution Transformer Using Mathematica", pp. 30-35

Ho Wai Shin, Haslenda Hashim, "Integrated Design of Renewable Energy Decentralized Power Plant Comprising Energy Storage for Off-Grid ECO Village", pp. 36-41

Fumio Nogata, Yasunai Yokota, Yoko Kawanura, Hiroyuki Morita, Yoshiyuki Uno, W. R. Walsh, "Audio-Visual Based Recognition of Auscultatory Heart Sounds with Fourier and Wavelet Analyses", pp. 42-48

R. Radhakrishnan, P. Vasanthamani, "Determination of Lot Size in the Construction of Six Sigma Based Double Sampling Plans", pp. 49-53

Mohammad Mosleh, Shahdad Shariatmadari, Saeed Javanmardi, "Resource Management in Web OS Based on Semantic Web Technology", pp. 54-58

Nader Barsoum, "Performance of Direct Torque Control Implemented in Speed Drive", pp. 59-64

Nader Barsoum, Lyndy Wong Sze Lin, "Implementation of a Small Size Electronic Power Module for Motor Control", pp. 65-71

Hedaya Alasooly, "Calculation of Critical Distance in Faulted Meshed Power System ", pp. 72-80

Igor Papič, "Active Distribution Networks – Slovenian Approach", pp. 81-85

Jiří Jaromír Klemeš, Petar Sabev Varbanov, "Heat Integration and Renewable – Recent Developments and Achievements", pp. 86-93

Herman Mawengkang, Mangku M. Guno, Dedy Hartama, Arie S. Siregar, Hikmah A. Adam, Ommi Alfina, "An Improved Direct Search Approach for Solving Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming Problems", pp. 94-100


GJTO, Vol.3, No.2, June 2012, ISSN: 2229-8711

M. S. Al-Saud, "Comparison of Intelligent Methods for Thermal Assessment of Power Cables under Geometrical Parameter Variations", pp.101-106

Alexis Polycarpou, Hassan Nouri, Dan Micu "Critical Voltage Proximity Index Investigation for Transmission Systems", pp. 107-114

Okba M. Zoubeidi, Abbas A. Fardoun, Hassan Noura, Chem Nayar, "Hybrid Renewable Energy System Solution for Remote Areas in UAE", pp. 115-121

Dalila Taieb, Ammar Ben Brahim, "Description and Evaluation of Eco-Friendly Process for Cleaner Hydrogen Production", pp. 122-131

Sona Taheri, Musa Mammadov, "Solving Systems of Nonlinear Equations Using a Globally Convergent Optimization Algorithm", pp. 132-138

M. Rouholamini, M. Rashidinejad, S. Esmaeili1, M. Mahmoudabadi, "A New Methodology to Solve Joint Energy and Primary Reserve Scheduling", pp.139-147

Z. Jovanovic, Z. Masonicic, "The Effect of Turbulence Model Variation on Flame Propagation in a Particular 4-Valve Engine Combustion Chamber", pp. 148-152


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